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10 Ways to improve your chess

10 Ways to improve your chess

Oct 29, 2011, 7:41 PM 0

Here are some of my tips to improve chess. Some of these tips may apply differently to different players.

  1. Know how to play chess!- How do you expect to get better if you don't know how to play (This tip is for begginers)
  2. Study Openings- You need to know the statistics for wins and losses and so that you are familiar with possible continuations, traps, and so you can get comfortable with the moves. Study the more common openings.
  3. Know your General Information- The only way to win is to know your tactics, different kinds of mating nets, and general strategy. You should learn this information if you are a begginer chess player.
  4. Make the Chess board smaller in live chess/ tactics trainer- With a smaller chess board, you don't have to move your eyes around so much. This is helpful for those who have trouble paying attention to details,  strong/ weak squares, hanging pieces, tactical positions, and possible traps. (This tip would help me, but you may have to find your own preference)
  5. Study Tactics/ Chess mentor- Use these tools to familiarize yourself with general rules of thumb, and what to do when certain positions occur in games.
  6. Study Endgames- At higher levels, there will be more and more positions where you will have to know endgame tactics, a key characteristic of you chess skills.
  7. Study Games of Other Players- Studying Games of other players and masters can help you spot good/ bad moves. Some websites have PGN files of many masters, and explanations/annotations for some of their games.
  8. Do your Chess resarch - Know more about what can happen in chess, players,games, etc. from the Chess.com chessopedia.
  9. Play Chess and Have Fun- Playing = Practicing. For every game or few, you may learn something new which you may use in future games. 
  10. Use Chess.com- The world's # 1 online chess community. Here, there are various ways to play, learn, and share your ideas about chess.

I hope this helps. Please post your Comments on how these tips on how they have affected your chess performance! Smile

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