Fighting the Maroczy

Dec 16, 2011, 3:37 PM |

In this article, I'm going to discuss my most recent loss.  This week in my club game I faced the club champion, Bobby.  Bobby is an older gentleman who has been rated over 2100 in the past.  After some time off he was perhaps rusty and stumbled down to the low 1900s.  Bobby is retired and has taken up the game again, studying every day.  His rating shows his work, it has quickly risen and he is now rated ~1980.


Here's our game with a few annotations:


So I miscalculated the key position after white's e5 break.  However, I feel that I was really struggling for a plan in this pawn structure.  Where is black's counterplay?  Should I abandon this completely and go to an early ...e5 / f5 structure instead?


After opening with 3 wins, this now makes 4 straight losses to Bobby.  Three of them have been with the black pieces in somewhat similar pawn structures to this.  Help!  :)


Coming up.  Tomorrow I'll play a 6 round, game 30 tournament in Raleigh.  The field should be quite strong, if I play well I may be able to make some progress toward achieving the class A uscf title.  Results coming soon! :)