The one that got away

Dec 23, 2011, 11:59 AM |

Everyone has their big fish stories, I was just recently proudly showing off my first draw with a 2300, as well as my first win over an expert.

But what about a win over an IM?  Now THAT would be something to brag about!  And I almost had it.

I'm playing IM attilaturzo in his 100 game challenge at 1 day / move.  I have white and my opponent fell into a trap in the English.  A little more awareness from me and I could have won a piece, but I let him off the hook.  See if you can spot the tactic (check the solution for sidelines):















Instead, we played a3?? Ba5 and I realized I had let him slip away.  How will the story end?  Does this fish get away, or perhaps turn into a shark that eats the fisherman?  I am doing my best to create threats and keep the attack rolling.  The battle rages on, follow along here:

Remember: No advice until after the game please!  :)