Tobacco Road Action Chess!

Dec 17, 2011, 8:50 PM |

Today I played a 7 round tournament, game 30 with a 5 second increment.  I'll have a more complete wrap up tomorrow, but I wanted to offer some teasers as I'm pretty excited about the results...


Today I played two huge games, setting personal records!  In round 3, I managed to hold a draw against FM Ronald Simpson, the 3rd highest rated player in North Carolina at 2305!  After a win over a tough club rival in the 4th round, I scored a 5th round victory over a player rated 2025.  This is my first career victory over an expert!


I faded at the end of the tournament, losing to Craig Jones (#6 in NC with a 2268 rating), then a final round loss to a 1950 who played great all tournament.  Despite the losses, it was an amazing day and I'm quite proud of the result.


Here is the draw against Simpson.  The game seemed to me to be of good quality, I'm going to enjoy it for now before exposing it to the harsh light of the computer tomorrow...