Announcements + Stream Schedule Week of 9/21

Announcements + Stream Schedule Week of 9/21


Hey folks, couple notes about upcoming shows on dojo:

- Norm Hunter season 2 starts today (in 2 hours). This season, Kostya will be training... GM Jon Ludvig Hammer, who already has the highest norm-based title, GM, but is planning to work towards becoming Norwegian Champion.

- On Saturday we will be premiering an exciting new show-- Ultimate Sensei-- in which we will have several coaches competing at getting their students the most rapid progress possible, with competitions among the students leading up to a final that determines the show's winners. Season 1 is class A players, and there will be different classes as we go through multiple seasons of this show. More info about that show here:

- In the last week, shows where we analyze viewer games have been really popular, so we will be doing more of that going forward. We are calling this show "The Postmortem" and you can find it a couple times on this week's schedule.

- Saturday mornings we always have a chance for our viewers to play something-- a tournament or a match or a simul... So when you see "team match" Saturday morning, that's a chance for *you* to play. One or more senseis will always be doing commentary for these viewer events, and, time permitting, we will do "The Postmortem" afterwards so you can have us go over one of the games you've just played. (though this week there will be on time between the match and episode one of Ultimate Sensei.

That's it! If you have any other questions about this schedule, or suggestions about what you'd like us to do, please comment! Cheers!