Biel Round 5

IM dpruess
Jul 22, 2011, 12:29 PM |

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Today I had a tiring game. I was on the defensive in the opening, when my opponent blitzed out a long series of instant moves, building an hour lead on the clock and what looked like a borderline decisive advantage. I fought on pretty well, but ultimately I ran down to a minute and lost the game at the end of time control. I don't think there was any way to save it though. After the game my opponent told me that I had made one mistake in the opening, and then it's hopeless. Oh well! That's what it's like to play against strong people. Also a bit unlucky that he guessed the right opening and reviewed this one line so deep with his computer right before the game.

Meanwhile, I have been so focused on my games, that I have not spared even a momentary glance to the Elite Section happening five feet away, since the first day when I watched for 5 minutes after my game. Carlsen was luckier than I with an exchange sac today: (and yes, I say lucky on good authority, since in the lobby he told me it was lucky)



I also happened to run into Vachier-Lagrave. Maxime was satisfied with his game, which I did not realize until I got to my room followed a game of mine from the May Metropolitan IM Round Robin for 15 moves! I'll have to show him my game next time I see him!



Tomorrow is another game for me and for everyone else here. Pairings are out, and I'm white, as I "should" be, playing against the nice German IM, Paehtz (that's 3 Germans and 2 Indonesians in 6 rounds).