Big Week for Chess TV

Big Week for Chess TV

IM dpruess
Mar 25, 2012, 3:57 PM |

This coming week is a huge week for chess entertainment! We have a huge schedule of shows (the full schedule can be seen at by scrolling down), including several special events and several shows open to basic/gold members; so if you have not seen much of Chess TV, check it out this week.

1) European Championships - we will have live on-site coverage of the last 5 rounds of the European Championships, with commentary provided by super chess-teacher GM Dejan Bojkov. Dejan will also be interviewing participants from the event, for special insight and flavor. Don't miss it! (for basics+golds, you can watch the penultimate round coverage on Friday).

2) Regular weekly shows - are moved a little later so as not to conflict with the European Championship broadcasts. As usual, one of these shows is open to all members, and this week, it is The Big Show on Wednesday.

3) Shankland-Hess Death-match on Saturday!! I can't tell you how excited I am about this, but I tried anyway. The show is open to all members, and you *really can't miss this* !!!

P.S. - This is also a good place to give me any feedback about these shows once you see them, or to let me know what kind of shows you'd like to see, that we may not be offering. Thanks Smile