Cappel rd 6

IM dpruess
Mar 4, 2009, 2:39 PM |

I played a very interesting and entertaining game today. It was a great struggle, for 85 moves; I enjoyed it thoroughly while playing. When it was finally over, both my opponent and I sat quietly in our seats for a few minutes. I felt that beautiful exhaustion you get after running or swimming to your absolute limit and then lying down panting in your sweat. The game was really close, and my opponent had several chances to draw the game, but I also had several chances to get an advantage. I've never played a middle game with the strategies that I thought about today, so that was really cool too.

After a couple bad experiences with opponents preparing very well for me, while I had no games of theirs to look at in the database, I decided to drastically avoid any theory he might have ready for me. I was not sure what move I would play on move one until I was sitting at the board, and in fact used 2 minutes on my first move. Then I returned to an opening that was my mainstay when I was 1300-1400, but has seen little use since then.

Our "team score" was the same as last round: three wins and a draw. Josh who was in the leading group faced the tough GM Dvoirys and drew. Jesse and Vinay won. Tomorrow, we will all have tougher pairings, so time to get ready!

Here's my game: