Cappelle after round 5

IM dpruess

On the brutal two-game-day (rds 3-4 yesterday), I had one particularly brutal game. I was seriously on the ropes for the first 30 moves, but hung in there, and managed to defend. By the time I equalized there was only knight and 4 pawns vs knight and four pawns left to play with. I declined a draw, and pressed as hard as I could, but fell short of the win.


After that game I began a complete physical collapse. I felt awful all day today. In my game, I faced an opening I know really well and won quickly (but won't be showing this game, because it's top secret!). Now I'm going to go get as much sleep as possible, and hopefully tomorrow, I'll be fully recovered from yesterday's strain, and be *happy* to have more tough games.

Josh won both games yesterday and his game today, to surge into a huge tie for second place (along with maybe 40 other grandmasters!) with 4-1. Vinay won, then lost, then won, so he has 3-2. Jesse drew, then drew, then drew, so he also has 3-2. Same score for me.

Thanks for all support and encouragement! I'm very conscious of being lucky to be here (and feel guilty about it). I'll try to play some more interesting games to share.