Chess Improv

Chess Improv

IM dpruess
May 22, 2011, 11:14 AM |

Hello, chess friends,

I'm calling an impromptu episode of for this very afternoon. I'll be doing Danny's show Chess Improv from 2-3 pm pacific. (that's just under 3 hours from the posting of this blog).

During the past two weeks of traveling, I was generally busy and without the proper internet connection to do any broadcasting. I've missed it, and hopefully it has missed me. And hopefully this extra show will console some of those who had teary breakdowns when there was no PoB show on Friday.

Here are the three games we will be looking at:

We will also probably have a couple funny moments, and with any luck some awkward ones. I think I'm supposed to do a few random things that make no sense and that aren't planned, so I'll do my best.

I'm making the show open to all members, so tell your basic and gold friends that this is a nice chance to experience .

Update: we had a good crowd, over 120 players watching. Started off with some blitz games, and then went over the games above. Here are the saved variations from the analysis board:



on the Grischuk game we did not have many chess variations to discuss. Here is the Shirov game:



Next up on chess tv is GM Khachiyan with Your Games Analyzed tomorrow (Mon) at 3 pm pacific. Next up on my blog is my insane-intense round 8 game from the recent Metropolitan Invitational.