ChessDojo Schedule 7/27-8/2

ChessDojo Schedule 7/27-8/2

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I have not written about it in my blog yet, but for nearly two months now, I've been working with two good friends, GM Kraai and IM Kavutskiy, on a chess project called ChessDojo. It's a content project including a team twitch stream, a team youtube channel, and a discord server for a learning community.

Each Monday we have a schedule of streams for the week (occasional un-scheduled streams do occur as well), and here are this week's shows:

For those who have not watched before, here is some info about these shows:

Norm Hunter- Kostya teaches a master who is hoping to become a FIDE titled player

Learning a New Opening- This week, I will be learning how to play the closed sicilian. Watch   to see my learning process and approach to a new opening.

Titled Tuesday- Jesse will be playing and commenting his tournament.

Play the Sensei- viewers get a chance to play a live blitz games against one of the three "Senseis" of the Dojo.

Member Game Analysis - Jesse goes over annotated games that viewers have sent to him in advance. If you would like him to look at your game on a future show, you have to analyze it yourself first and send it to him in advance. Patreon supporters are also guaranteed a monthly game analysis (outside of Jesse's show).

Endgame Training- Lately, I've been providing guides to endgame drills on, and showing how I play them against the computer, but this week, I will be joined by Kostya, and we will practice some practical endgames against each other, showing you how to train with a friend.

Beat the Squirrel- A chance for kids to play against the PlayfulSquirrel (that's me, too).

Training- I just do various chess studying of interest to me (GM games, solitaire chess, reviewing my own games, etc.), and viewers can watch and learn along with.

Friday Night Ladder- Kostya will comment games played by members of the ChessDojo community.

From Branch to Branch- a chess variety show for kids, including puzzles, short lessons, and a chance for kids to play against the PlayfulSquirrel.

Blitz Arena- we will have an open blitz tournament in live chess, with Kostya and me providing commentary.

Opening Lab- Once a month, Kostya answers a ton of opening questions submitted by ChessDojo students.

GM Blitz/ C-player Blitz- David watches, comments, and learns from blitz games of GMs and viewers (against their peers)

SUNDAY NIGHT FIGHTS- here classical games are being played as part of round robins we have organized with players close in rating. (Yes, Classical Chess still exists). Kostya and Jesse provide commentary and instruction.

If any of these tickle your interest, check it out on some time!