Classical Simuls!

Classical Simuls!

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Last week's classical simul plus game review was a great experience for me, and I think for most or all of the participants, so I've decided to repeat it this week. Once again, it will be played on Friday at 10 am PST, at a time control of 90+30, and be open to 20 players. Once again, I will go over people's games, if they want, at 8 pm pacific on a special episode of "The Postmortem." (Full Dojo schedule for the week here)

Last week's simul ended with a score of +13 -2 =4, which I think represents a good difficulty level for both myself and those taking me on. In my view, the opponents + time constraint should be difficult enough that the simul-giver gives up a couple losses and a few draws. On the other hand, I scored enough that those playing the simul probably felt it was a tough challenge and they had to play well to earn a draw or win. The first simul did include two technical hiccups-- games getting auto-aborted despite 2-3 moves being played, and two games getting lost in my long list of games, and I could not see that it was my turn on them. My goal for this week is to not have those technical problems and score 1 point more. If I do, I'll up the difficulty level to 22 games instead of 20 in the future.

The best game prize for last Friday's simul was definitely this classy win by Henricum, who managed to exert strong positional pressure throughout, use the initiative, make a positional pawn sacrifice, give me a small bout of depression, and eventually finish me off:

If you would like to battle this Friday, apply here for a spot.

I have thought some more about how I will pick who plays: first priority will be given to having a mix of players: 4-5 players in the 2000+ range, 4-5 players in the 1700-2000 range, 4-5 players in the 1400-1700 range, and 4-5 players in the u1400 range. If you have played previously you are welcome to join again, but priority will be given to those who have not played before. You may also cash in "dojo channel points" for a spot.

Finally, a brief reminder that as with last week's event, there is a suggested donation of bringing 2 new followers to our twitch channel or $5. I look forward to playing and discussing our game with you!

VOD of last Friday's Simul

VOD of last Friday's Simul Postmortem

Edit: The 20 participants for tomorrow are:


See you tomorrow!!