Columnist Switch Revealed

IM dpruess
Sep 23, 2009, 3:44 AM |

Last week (Sept 13-18), our daily columnists tried their hands at each other's columns. At the same time, I promised prizes to two players who could guess all 6 columnists' identities. Yes, I like guessing games.

The actual identities of last week's disguised columnists were:

Openings for Tactical Players: A Childhood Love by... Iryna Zenyuk

Your Questions Answered by... Julio Becerra

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by... Vinay Bhat

The Art of Stealing by... Jeremy Silman

How to Learn an Opening in One Hour by... Gregory Serper

Minor Pieces are an Even Trade... Right? by ... Magesh and Arun

Now that everyone who entered the contest is crying that they did not get all 6 right, I will award two prizes anyway, to two members who had the most correct answers (4/6). RoyalFlush1991 gets a three month membership upgrade, and val08 gets a t-shirt. Congrats, and thanks for playing!