Dojo February Rapid Championship

Dojo February Rapid Championship

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It's coming up this week (Saturday at 10 am pacific), the next big Rapid Championship tournament organized by the Chess Dojo. Among other prizes, we have had this first place prize donated by Dojo'er sombrero:

This is a Darwil, Swiss-made vintage watch. 34 mm in diameter, classic size, popular in the former Yugoslavia, made in the 60's. Sombrero will ship it to the overall tournament winner *anywhere in the world* Thank you so much!!

Speaking of the tournament winner, SophieRose has confirmed that she will be defending the title she won in January in our first MEGARAPID Championship. Sophie/ComradeEyelash currently sits atop our leaderboard of tournaments won in 2021.

The format for the February Championship will be the same as for the first one in January: 8 round swiss, all players in one section, with a time control of 15 min + 5 seconds added per move. Small differences: Kostya will be doing commentary for half the event, and the tournament will be held on a weekend day, rather than a weekday. For those planning their day, 8 rounds should finish somewhere between 2:30 and 3 pm pacific.

As before, there will be prizes for every rating category, so even though you may have the opportunity/painful experience of playing higher rated players, everyone will have a fair-ish chance of competing for a prize against other players in their rating category.

Full prizes will be:

1st - Watch

2nd - Classical Game against a Dojo Sensei + Postmortem after

3rd - Private Lesson with a Dojo Sensei

1st under 2000 - Rapid Game against a Dojo Sensei + Postmortem after

2nd under 2000 - VIP on twitch

1st, 2nd in each successive 200-pt rating category, u1800, u1600, u1400, u1200, u1000, u800 etc.

1st -  A game analyzed on stream by a sensei

2nd - VIP on twitch

Best Game Prizes - 1st- Profile+ Private Lesson; 2nd- 1 month Diamond Membership 3rd- 1 mo Gold Membership

Biggest Upset - 1 month Platinum membership

Quickest Win - Game annotated by Sensei in PGN

Best zugzwang - Co-host an Endgame Training stream w/ a Sensei

Best underpromotion - Private Lesson (on stream)

Three random players who do not win a prize but play all eight games will also have their games analyzed by a Sensei in a special youtube video.