Far West Open: Final Day

IM dpruess
Apr 12, 2009, 9:59 PM |

The tournament is over. Tying for first with 5-1 scores were GM Kudrin, IM Sevillano, and IM Antal. Edit: tying for fourth - sixth were myself, GM Jesse Kraai, and SM John Bryant (with 4.5).

My games today were also interesting-- but suddenly I've hit bottom, like all my energy just dropped out from under me. The tension and adrenaline can help keep you going when you are already exhuasted, and then when you relax, it comes over you as a tremendous wave. Therefore, I can barely enter notes on the games. I will edit this post with further notes later. There should be a blitz game soon to decide who officially holds the title, but I tend to think such things are silly, and consider the three winners co-champions.

Here are my games: