Having Chessplayers Over

Having Chessplayers Over

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May 24, 2011, 6:04 PM |

Some people may be expecting a humorously disturbing tale from the title, where one disaster leads to the next, and for example, my home is no longer standing at the end. But actually, this blog merely presents some really fun chess which was played the other day when two of my good friends, Sam and Arun, came over. (I can't present any of the conversation because of someone's potty-mouth).

We played Fischer Random chess (=Chess960), which I was happy to hear Arun praise, saying he's been enjoying it lately; of course I have long preferred Fischer Random because I enjoy playing the opening of a chess game as well as the middle and endgame, something one rarely gets to do at master level with the "old chess." Here is one other blog I wrote about Fischer Random before, which will be of use to anyone who is new to the variant.

The games were so rich, that all 3 of us had fun, and after they left I spontaneously thought I'd like to record those games, which might be interesting to others as well to view. However, I was afraid that my memory would not even be sufficient to remember the starting positions, much less the moves!

Luckily, my memory of the games allowed me to reconstruct the starting positions they must have started with (very quickly). Here are a few of our games, played at either 5 or 3 minutes each (I forget which):

same game, part 2 (note every time someone castles I have to split the game viewer):

another game:

another game, part 2:

another game, part 3:

yet another game:

yet another game, part 2:

yet another game part 3:

Answer to the Quiz from game 1: c5! this threatens Bxh2 trapping the rook on g1, so white would probably castle after which black can play cxd and put a dent in white's central advantage. I think white still has an edge, but this was an example of a pretty favorable position for white from the start.

Hope you found those games interesting as well!

Next up in my blog should finally be my last two games from the Metropolitan Invitational. Any day now...