Imitating Ulf

Imitating Ulf

IM dpruess
Jul 23, 2011, 2:29 PM |

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I played over 200+ of Paehtz's games in preparation for this matchup. And what I found was "oh my goodness, she is amazing! What a chess player!!" I also found three little weaknesses finally, after lengthy lengthy searching, but I'm not going to do her the rudeness of publishing them here. So basically I was confident with white, but I was also very very respectful of her strength going into this game.

It was hard to pick what opening to play since she plays tons and tons of different defenses. Finally I did not pick an opening, but I picked an approach to the game: I would try to imitate Ulf Andersson. My teacher had given me this interesting book "Grandmaster Chess Strategy" during my visit in June, and I had played through the first game in the book several times and really enjoyed it.

So I spent much of the morning playing through Andersson games from the book, and went into the game with the goal of channeling him. For those who don't know that ideal is "chess without tactics." Keeping control, using prophylaxis, nurturing small advantages, trading queens at every opportunity. Judge for yourself how good a job I did:

The next day was a most welcome rest day! But I'm getting behind in posting these: by now I've already had a rest day and a draw in round 7. Stay tuned for more updates...