More Endgame Wizardry: Anand-Carlsen Game 6

IM dpruess
Nov 16, 2013, 12:52 PM |


Carlsen does it again??

This was an absolutely amazing win he scored. The rook and pawn endgame must absolutely have been a draw, but he came up with some very clever ideas, and Anand just did not defend them well.

Also, it seems that it was Anand who chose to sacrifice a pawn to go into this rook endgame with Qg3... a slightly strange decision. I think this was definitely not one of Anand's best days. Hopefully he can recover and play his best in the next couple games.

Here's my video:

Tomorrow's a rest day, and then Anand has white again in game 7 on Monday. I feel pretty confident at this point that Magnus would repeat the Berlin Defense.