PRO League Week 4 Highlights

PRO League Week 4 Highlights

IM dpruess

Here some highlights from week 4 of the PRO Chess League.

One of the big stories of the week was that of 6 3-0 teams, only 1 made it to 4-0, the San Diego Surfers with an impressive upset win over the feared San Jose Hackers.

I have two videos with games/moves from the Pacific Division, but before we get to that, I want to call out two excellent performances from other divisions that I'm not covering:

1. Evgeniy Shaposhnikov scored 3.5/4 again this week, with extremely strong and aesthetically pleasing chess. It was not enough to keep his Gorky Stormbringers perfect, as they lost their first match to a very strong Norway Gnomes team, 8.5-7.5. Check out his games though:

2. Check out Alan Pichot's games this week! He scored a very pleasing 3.5/4 for the Buenos Aires Krakens (now 3-1):

Now, onto our highlights~

First a game of the week candidate from Surfers 4th board, 16 year old IM Joshua Sheng, who takes down an experienced GM with black (all games in replayable viewer at end of this blog):

You can vote on game of the week here:

Next, a collection of Highlights featuring GMs Xiong, Vovk, Gareyev, Smith, Troff and more:

What's your favorite game or move? Is there a brilliancy I missed? Tune in for International Week next Saturday, Feb 11, for the 5th round.

You can also vote for move of the week here:

Games in viewers: