PROChess Week 1 Pacific Predictions

IM dpruess
Jan 11, 2017, 5:31 PM |

Here are my predictions for the opening round of the PRO Chess League, Pacific (Red) Division. The 6 matches start at 6:10 pm pacific today. You can find the games in Live Chess, and you can watch live commentary with GM Yermolinsky and myself at . The player scores are gross approximations I made to add up total points for the team-- many players will score a point more or less than this obviously. But hopefully, taken all together, the team predictions will be accurate?

SF-Pitts 12-4

Shaba gets about 2.5-3, rest of the team close to 0.

St Lou v Dallas - 2 top teams! This match will give a sense of whether the league favors stacked teams (St Lou) or balanced teams (Dallas)
So 4-0
Var 3-1
Finegold 2-2
Rosenthal 0-4
St Louis wins 9-7

I expect balanced lineups to do worse than lineups with 2600+ lvl players and a weak bd 4. But this expectation may be quickly turned on its head once we see some results!

Minnesota v Portland 11.5-4.5


Las Vegas v Rio Grande 6-10
Gareyev 3.5-.5
Troff 2.5-1.5
Durham 0-4
Kretchetov 0-4

San Jose 9.5-6.5 Webster
Mamed 4-0
Daniel Naroditsky 3
Chirilla 2.5
Chris Yoo 0-4

Seattle v San Diego 8-8 or 8.5 SD
Dreev 3.5
Khachiyan 2.5
M Brown 1.5
Hilby .5

San Diego wins if Dreev or Khachiyan score half a point more than this prediction.