Reno rd 1... +2!

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Nothing especially interesting to say, just posting my game for anyone who wanted to keep track of my results here at the Far West Open.

Now a quick nap is in order before round 2.


a couple things to mention:
- i was so tired already during the opening of the first round that i was using a technique i learned from walter shipman many years ago. you get a cup of water, and use your fingers to keep dabbing it over your eyelids. this prevents falling asleep, and also hides some of your feeling of fatigue. without this technique i would have ... almost surely lost that game and the second.
- second: in round 2, i faced a kid who strikes me as a prodigy. i thought he was being kind of passive and had no plan, but then i realized he was using karpov-style prophylaxis, while also seizing every dynamic chance i gave him to improve his position. this happened twice, bc i was trying to improve my game, thinking he was just sitting there. after the second time i realized i couldnt get away with anything more, he was aware of everything going on on the board! so i hunkered down and defended, and he tried to push... i could feel he had a deep understanding. finally he missed something getting aggressive, and i ground out an endgame win:

Ah, U.S. tournaments, how i havent missed you! the next round starts in 8.5 hours. goodnight!!