Round 2 and Already Success!

Round 2 and Already Success!

IM dpruess
May 12, 2011, 4:34 PM |

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For those of you who don't know, my major goal when playing at chess tournaments in the past year and a half has been to lose without being upset. This is because, without time to study or practice, and with a reduced tournament schedule, my playing strength has atrofied significantly; so it's easy to be disappointed with my results. But no matter what, I love chess, and I want to continue playing in tournaments, without suffering while I'm there. Thus, the goal.

Well, it's round 2 and I already succeeded big time. I lost a game to the littlest kid in the room (actually he's grown quite a bit taller), and I did not feel rage or hatred during the game! I resigned with a smile and complimented my opponent on his good play (genuinely, as you'll see below he played very well). I feel that I played o.k. and used up all my time, and my opponent just played a good game, and that's a good part of chess.

I think it was such a success, that it's time for me to move on to my second goal: improving my patience! In future rounds, I'll be working on not giving up, staying focused, calculating lines to the end, and not relaxing all the time on my opponent's time.

Kayden (my opponent in this game) started the event off with a huge upset win over Joel Banawa with black. He followed that by beating me with black in round 2, which is a super awesome way to start a tournament. He was very poised and confident during this game:



Other notes: yesterday black won the first round 3-2 with no draws. Today I'm pretty sure black also won the second round (of the three games whose results I know black scored 2.5). Kavutskiy-Banawa was a draw, and Amanov-Yankovsky was 0-1.

I had 2 minutes to eat lunch, followed by an hour and a half to do some work. In round 3 I'll be black against Casella in 20 minutes.

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