Silman Returns!!

Silman Returns!!

IM dpruess
Sep 19, 2011, 5:22 PM |

I am happy to announce the return of IM Jeremy Silman to's pages.

IM Silman, who used to handle the Q+A column, will be doing a new kind of reader-interactive column. In this column, he will analyze games submitted by members, and try to help them, among other things, to clarify their thought process, and increase their understanding of chess. To this end, he would be most pleased if you would submit games to him at He writes:

"I would like to see tournament/serious games in the 20-50 move range. It should not be a quick tactical snuff as there is not much to comment there. Preferable would be positional or a mix of positional and tactical. The sender should add his thoughts during and after the game, and why he thinks he won/lost/drew. Ratings should be added (and no rating is too low!), and if the times taken for the moves were jotted down, those should be sent too. The story of the game is also welcome: Was it for a prize? Was it a high stress situation? Did you have any history with this opponent? Etc."

His column will be published on Wednesdays.

Any questions, comments, requests, or suggestions about's weekly columns can be addressed to me.