So You Want to Play a Death-Match?

So You Want to Play a Death-Match?

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On Sat, April 28th, the 4th Death-Match will take place, with a prize of $1000. And you just might be one of the two players! My purpose here is just to lay out all the ground rules, so that everyone knows how they could qualify.

On April 15th, will invite the highest-rated active blitz player and the highest-rated active bullet player to compete in the match. More precisely:

  • Ratings will be as of April 14th-15th at midnight, pacific time.
  • To qualify as "active" the player must have played at least 100 games between February 14 and April 14.
  • I will contact the selected players on April 15th, and if they decline, I will pass the invitation on to the next highest in that rating pool.
  • If I suspect a player of computer cheating or being rude, I may choose to invite the next highest-rated instead.

So if you think you're a blitz ace, get out there and play some games and boost your rating! The match-up will be announced on April 15th or 16th. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, see you Saturday for Shankland-Hess!

P.S. Computer Cheaters out there, leave us alone!! Don't bother trying to qualify for this, stop inputting moves on our site, stop harrassing our members, stop wasting the time of titled players in live chess willing to play other members, who would actually enjoy that opportunity! *You are a WASTE and you are HURTING others*