Take all the Luck You Can Get

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I just got a "lucky" win, for two reasons:

1) My opponent played into a line I knew, so I got equality with black without trouble (thanks, Shanky).

2) He thought he saw an advantageous tactic, played a very weakening move, and then realized the tactic wouldn't work. This was an uncustomary blunder from a strong player in an equal position, where normally if he hadn't blundered he would have eventually outplayed me and won... or if I had a really good day it would have been a draw.

But you have to take what you can get! I deserve the point partly as well for:

1) Declining a draw in the opening in an equal position that I did not expect I could win, in order to get more experience.

2) Calculating well during the "execution" phase to take advantage of the weakening.



Next up I have black against GM Kudrin who also has a great record against me.

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