Tal Memorial on Chess TV

Tal Memorial on Chess TV

IM dpruess
Nov 12, 2009, 3:41 PM |

Yesterday, I covered a very exciting round of the Tal Memorial in Moscow, along with fr0ggE and a guest appearance of GM Jesse Kraai. This is one of the strongest tournaments I can recall ever witnessing, and so far the games have been fantastic. Yesterday just so happened to be a really bloody day, with 3 games out of 5 being decided, and at least one of the draws, which we followed in the broadcast, being full of tension. Here is that tense struggle between wonderboy Magnus Carlsen and worldchampion Viswanathan Anand:

(variations we looked at yesterday are included, but to know what we thought of all these lines, you'd have to rewatch the broadcast on demand by going to www.chess.com/tv , clicking in the lower left of the player on "on-demand" and then selecting Live Coverage Tal Memorial from the top of the list).


We had time to cover another game when this game concluded with perpetual check, and many people who were following the games live at http://tal.russiachess.org/online/index.htm were positively clamoring for the game Vladimir Kramnik (former world champion) vs. Ruslan Ponomariov (former youngest GM ever, and youngest FIDE champion ever). And when we started to take a look, we immediately knew why people were asking for it. This was a really thrilling battle. Even after we concluded the broadcast assuming a perfunctory win for Kramnik would follow shortly, the game continued through another 30 intricate endgame moves. Really another very fun game; we were lucky yesterday.


Tomorrow will be round 8 of the tournament, beginning at 4:30 am Pacific. Luckily for me, I will be sleeping then. However, luckily for everyone else, chess.com TV will be covering that round starting at 5:30 with FM Charles Galofre. Look forward to it! I expect we'll have great games again. I intend to tune in when I wake up, and then watch the beginning on-demand later.

After today's round 7, the top standings are:

1. Kramnik 5/7 2-3. Anand, Ivanchuk 4.5 4-6. Carlsen, Aronian, Gelfand 3.5

Tomorrow's pairings are: Kramnik-Leko; Gelfand-Anand; Aronian-Ivanchuk; Carlsen-Ponomariov; and Morozevich-Svidler.

Looking ahead to the last round, a decisive game for the tournament standings could well be Ivanchuk-Kramnik.