The PlayfulSquirrel is back!

The PlayfulSquirrel is back!


I am so excited to announce that I am finally going for it, and committing to bringing back my Chess TV show for kids!

It's been about 7 years since the last episode of From Branch to Branch, and for almost all those years I have missed having that weekly contact with chess-loving kids. A weekly show is also a commitment, so that's been part of my hesitation in bringing it back, but here we go!

Basic Info:

Title: From Branch to Branch

Time: Saturdays from 7-8 AM, pacific (gmt-7)


Host: IM David Pruess (the PlayfulSquirrel)

Target Audience: 5-12 years old, all ratings, but especially 5-10 years old, under 1600.

Other target Audience: parents who want to sleep from 7-8 while their kid watches chess. If only that could be me!

The first show is already tomorrow, 3/21/20. The show is a variety show, with lessons, exercises, puzzles, blitz, and chit-chat. If you know any kid who likes chess, please pass the info along. Cheers!