The Tension is Growing Hotter

The Tension is Growing Hotter

IM dpruess
Oct 22, 2011, 1:39 AM |

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Wow. Just wow. What a tense game I just had!

For the last 12 moves of the game I had 1 minute or less on my clock, essentially playing my moves off a five second time delay (not increment), and writing the moves down. At the end I had 10 of my seconds left.


Sorry that I am so overwhelmed that I lack the eloquence to share the feeling of such an experience.

It was so hard to calculate such a complex and tactical position with no time on the clock, and because I had sacrificed material I had to find something or I'd be losing. So hard. The next round starts soon (tomorrow morning), so I don't have time to enter a fraction of the variations I calculated in that while attacking position.

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