Tough = Fun

IM dpruess
May 13, 2011, 9:21 PM |

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This game was pretty tough and tiring. I solved the opening without trouble, but could not figure out the middlegame, used up my time, and the game petered out to a draw.

Once again, Kostya is the last player. This time it was very very easy to post my game faster than he could finish his game.

Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to seeing Melik Khachiyan. He'll be on site to do live coverage of rounds 7 and 9 (the evening rounds) tomorrow and Sunday (

I plan to go to his commentary room and talk to him about my games as they finish.

Update, bc some people were asking: Kayden lost his first game in round 5, to Pedram Atoufi. Now in first place (and thus with the best chance of making an IM norm) is Roman Yankovsky who lost his first round game and then won 4 in a row.

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