Tournament Time

IM dpruess
Mar 1, 2009, 2:34 AM |

Greetings from Dunkerque, a port town on the North Coast of France!

I, along with my friends Vinay, Josh, and Jesse, am playing in the 25th Open Cappelle la Grande. Yesterday I lost in the first round.

I wanted to post some impressions of the trip before the first round, my game with comments once I played it, etc. but I find myself on "tournament time." There's never enough time, I'm always worn out and trying to conserve physical resources. So I'm afraid any interesting blogging will have to wait, at least until tonight... I've barely been able to get the daily columns posted (be sure to check them out if you like chess!).

For The Poet's sake, I'll report that Vinay won, while Josh and Jesse drew.

Dunkerque is awesome, and we are all having a good time. Now I have twenty minutes to hit the database.