US Chess League Rivals Clash on Sunday!

US Chess League Rivals Clash on Sunday!

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This coming Sunday (May 20) is the soon-to-be-unforgettable Death-Match 5! Giorgi Kacheishvili and Jorge Sammour-Hasbun will clash for chess, for pride, and for $1000 in cash.

Kacheishvili is a strong Grandmaster with many tournament wins (including two Georgian Champinoships) to his name. He has also been playing first board for the NY Knights in the US Chess League. This past year he won the League MVP award and lead his team to the League Championship. Despite that sterling record he lost two games, as white... to Jorge Sammour Hasbun. Kacheishvili wanting revenge, challenged Sammour to face him in a Death-Match!

Sammour, first board (and manager) for the Boston Blitz, has never applied for a FIDE title, so he is usually listed as a USCF Senior Master (SM); however he has the accomplishments to be a strong IM. As a child prodigy, he won the World Championship in the U10 and U12 age groups. In addition, he is renowned for his blitz prowess, and for playing his slow time control games very quickly. He has three straight wins against GM Kacheishvili.

Has Kacheishvili bitten off more than he can chew by challenging the speedy Sammour on his home-turf? Or will he emphatically reassert himself in this huge rivalry? Which Jorgie will get the Pudding??

Find out this coming Sunday on with free coverage/commentary with hosts IM Danny Rensch, IM David Pruess, and guests GM Jon-Ludvig Hammer, Jason Stoneking, and GM Sam Shankland. The show begins at 11:00 AM PAC and goes till about 2:45 PM.

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Here is one of their previous games, which won 3rd place in the USCL Game of the Year contest.


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