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Your Games Analyzed!?!

Your Games Analyzed!?!

Oct 25, 2016, 11:02 PM 8

One segment that I'm doing on my twitch stream is a reincarnation of an old favorite of mine from chess.com/tv: your games analyzed. In this segment, viewers offer up their games for comment and analysis. On last Friday's stream, we went over the following games.

I would first like to bring special attention to this first offering.

1) He chose a specific position, not an entire game. That's cool! He knew what he wanted to learn about.

2) He had a specific question to ask. Also cool!

"From my first OTB tournament, I was black and agreed to a draw at this point after trying to convert for long. I suspected I was still better but couldn't find a way through. Engine says I'm like 1,6pts better but also doesn't seem to find a way through. Would like to hear what a human thinks, is there a way to break through?"

And I think we were able to eventually provide a pretty solid answer to this question!

The next two games are highly interesting, which is a good trait. But they were also both games that the player who showed them had won. 90% of the time people offer up their *best* game rather than their *worst* game. Yes, they say you should study your wins too. But you have a lot more to learn from a game where you played your worst than one where you played your best. So I would like to gently encourage people to share the games that left them with questions rather than the feeling of being a genius :-)

The next time I'll be doing this segment will be the coming Friday (Oct 28) around 12:30-2pm (at twitch.tv/dpruess). Please feel free to send in your games (pgn is easiest, if the game is online, a link to it is ok too).

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