Your Games Analyzed Ep. 5

Your Games Analyzed Ep. 5

IM dpruess
Oct 1, 2009, 7:48 PM |

Episode 5?? Wow!

Hope you all enjoyed the fantastic game we looked at today. The part of the game we looked at was definitely at a master level, so everyone who wanted to see a master level game on this show, how satisfied were you? Let me know what you thought.

Here is the game: I have not added too many comments to the early part, because that's what the show is for! Watch it on demand if you want to hear my explanations. I did however just now analyze the middlegame and endgame phases, which we almost entirely missed during the broadcast, so fascinating was the opening! Well, they were pretty interesting too, so check it out:


See you next week, Thursday 5 pm pacific as usual. And check back at scroll to the bottom to see the schedule. We should be bringing you some exciting live coverage of Nanjing, Women's Grand Prix, and US Women's Champs in the coming 10 days.