Your Games Analyzed: Miniature Edition

Your Games Analyzed: Miniature Edition

IM dpruess
Dec 17, 2009, 3:12 PM |

Today's episode 13 of Your Games Analyzed, airing in two hours, will be a "miniatures" edition; in other words, we will only be looking at games under 20 moves in length. I'm aiming to cover more than one game, so you have a better chance than usual to have one of your games looked at on the show. Tune in at 5 pacific to try to answer the quiz question.

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alright, here are the games, first the miniature from which our quiz questions came today, and then the three (!) games we managed to cover during the program.

the quiz questions were:

Quiz #1:
What is the best move for white here (move 16)?

Quiz #2:
Point out one mistaken move black made.

Quiz #3:
What would have been a better move for black?

Incidentally, I'm totally disturbed to notice how often people are giving me the games that they won to analyze on these programs. 3/3 today, and I feel like in past weeks also, I've been looking at game after game that people won. If I were less lazy I would compile the statistics by looking back really quick. But you guys are lazier than I am. Is it not well-known that you learn more from studying the games where you draw or lose than the games you win?
Honestly, I don't get it at all... but, it's up to you. I'm just here to serve.
One final note, Your Games Analyzed *will* be broadcasting on Christmas eve at 5 pm as usual.