BKK Chess Open 2016 Final Round and concluding thoughts

BKK Chess Open 2016 Final Round and concluding thoughts

Apr 17, 2016, 7:21 AM |

Final round and parting thoughts

First off, I would like to thank my wife and in-laws for taking care of my son thereby allowing me to play in this tournament.

   I  must also thank the organizers for making the tournament run smoothly. There were many classy touches, even for the amateur challenger division: a national  flag beside my name and a glass of water. Good and prompt updates on the Tournament website. My only gripe is perhaps that the seating arrangement was perhaps slightly cramped in between players.

So,  final round 7 was a complete opening disaster.

My attempts to create a favorable stonewall backfired as I had completely miscalculated the position. Black soon had a dominating black knight on e3 and my pieces started suffering. Thankfully my opponent (who was getting into time trouble) couldn't find the winning plan and ended up releasing his bind. After which I had no problems equalizing and perhaps should have fought harder for a win. But it has been a long tournament and I thought it best to offer a draw. After all, a score of 4/7 ain't bad at all.

Here's the following game: please don't laugh.


Playing in my first international over the board tournament was a real eye opener. I never realized chess could be this intense.

Few pointers that really stood out were the following:

1) my results with the white pieces were dismal to say the least. 1/4. I am giving serious thought as to how to improve this.perhaps I shouldn't have tried to play different from what I'm used to playing on the Internet.

2) Playing with Black is definitely OK with me. A perfect score 3/3 was definitely a surprise. So no changes to my repertoire. Just slight improvements here and there and the additional/familiarization of a couple more lines should hold me in good stead.

3) playing slower time controls forces one to really sit and play the best moves. In blitz, one can get away with a good move but in standard time controls, your opponent has all the time in the world to play the best reply.

4) my performance Elo rating of 1659 is definitely a disappointment, but it's still provisional and I'll definitely work to push it pass 1800 and hopefully pass Elo 2000 one day.

In conclusion, it was an great experience and I hope to be back again next year.