Now Playing at a different chess site: FIDE Online

Jan 30, 2016, 8:31 AM |

Hi community, 

Apologises if I haven't been chess blogging these past few weeks. Work has been busy and I am concentrating on developing other life skills like investment and banking! 

In other news.. I'm now an official FIDE member! I signed up for FIDEonline Arena which is FIDE's offical online chess portal for playing. (You actually get official FIDE ratings) I needed a FIDE id for playing in OTB tournaments and I found out that you could actually get one via registrating (and paying a nominal fee of course around 25-50 euros) @ FIDEonline Arena.

Hopefully if my work permits me, I may actually finally get a chance to play at my first OTB event (I won't give any details just yet) this coming April! Will keep the community posted. 


Anyhow, here's a good game I played against a Spanish opponent on FIDEonline Arena. Enjoy