Up's and Downs of Chess

Jul 10, 2015, 4:22 AM |

Recently I've been struggling in terms of results and ratings. However,I take heart in knowing that even the world's best struggle sometimes with form. (Carlsen at the recent Norway Open for example)


I am still confident that if I put my time and effort to good learning, the goal of breaking 1800 ELO by year's end will be achieved.

During this barren spell, I have learnt more about my mind and how it works. Whenever I'm not feeling 100% focus or if I'm in a emotional 'raging' state I know I should not be playing chess.

Chess is cold, precise. There's no room to be emotional. One always has to stay objective and analyse the position correctly. Emotional players always over or under estimate their positions which is one of the many reasons why they lose.


In any case, some of my games played around this period were pretty nice. Take the following game for example 


No matter what, my focus should be on playing better chess. The ELO points will come naturally. Hope this helps anyone who is struggling in terms of chess results.