What now?

Nov 27, 2015, 6:25 AM |

So, I managed to reach 1800 ELO. Finally, what's next?  

Obviously, getting to my life-long dream of 2000 ELO  now looks like a possibility. Just how to I get there?

1),I need to keep enjoying chess. Rating improvements are merely the by-product of a lot of hard work.

2) Practice more on my endgame.  Like most blitz players, my endgame technique is rudimentary to say the least.

3) Fine-tuning my repertoire. I may consider exploring other openings in an effort to keep my chess fresh. I consider myself becoming more and more like a strategist (as opposed to my younger chess-self which was a gambiteer) so i am looking for openings which give me a quiet postional edge with minimal risk 

4) mimic a role model. I have always enjoyed the games of Kramnik and Karpov so i'll have to look deeper into their games and copy their method of analyses.

With those pointers in mind, and with lots of practice and hard work, perhaps ELO 2000 will happen before I turn 35.

Keep on playing.