Combining two techniques: Outflanking Trebuchet

Sep 12, 2011, 5:25 PM |

   In this position the nearest critical squares for White's King to occupy are b6, c6, and d6, while the closest for Black's King to win White's pawn are f5, g5, and h5.

  Odd as it may seem, even though the Black King stands on the file right next to the e-pawns, it will be White's King who first reaches one of the critical squares.

 This feature will decide the outcome.  If Black chooses to defend passively, White gains the opposition on the 7th rank, with an "Outflanking" maneuver on the squares d6 and d7, and picks up the e6-pawn.

If Black should try to counter-attack White's e5-pawn, then the same squares d6-- and d7-- allow White to execute a winning "Trebuchet".   (Two examples)

                   Example A: Outflanking

                 Example B: Trebuchet