my first tourney

Mar 23, 2013, 5:26 PM |

im in providence rhode island, usa for my first tourney. i didnt expect to do very good.

round 1:

im playing someone named galvin, who i pretty much made friends with. i threaten a checkate after 21 moves each, where the only way to stop it was to sacrafice his queen. i then went on to win.

round 2:

im playing a well known chess-champ kid, and its not easy. near the end, he wins a pawn, and soon all that is left is him with a pawn, and me with nothing. i dont then manage to draw with him, and i forfit.

round 3:

im now 1 and 1,  and i still have tough opponents. at the end of the game, his bishup (that i dont have) is covering my pawn from getting a queen. i sacafice a pawn so i can block his bishup and get a queen, and it works. i win from there.

round 4: my last round is funny, as i am 2 and 1.i win his rook with my queen, take half of his other peices, and win in 16 moves. i think he was tired. funny, right?


there were 3 4-0 people who won trophys. i came in 5th and got a nice medal that i am wearing right team came in fourth out of 18 groups. i, had a final record of 3-1. i am very proud of myself, coming in 5th out of 50 people. bye!