From my book, " My interviews with famous dead people

Apr 22, 2010, 5:15 AM |

My interviews with famous dead people.

George Burns

“Thank the Lord I am done writing Satans book for him. I would not have done it, but since an angel of God told me it would be okay, that was the only reason I wrote for that great deceiver.

I wish it would have been George Burns I was writing for.”

“Someone call me?”

“Who are you?”

“George Burns! Didnt you call for me, and who are you kid?”

“Wait a minute, maybe this is an after effect of being struck by lightning. First Satan, now George Burns?”

“Look kid, I have followed some pretty bad acts in my life, but if I follow Satan maybe I should start to pray more. You would not happen to have a cigar?”

“You are going to tell me that you are the one, the only, George Burns?”

“Well, look kid, that was only my stage name, my real name was Nathan Birnbaum, but who would pay to see a man by that name?


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