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I'm only playing the Jack o' Lantern Attack!

I'm only playing the Jack o' Lantern Attack!

Mar 6, 2010, 7:28 PM 1


Just for the heck of it, I'm only going to play the Jack o' Lantern Attack against all opponents for at least the next 20 games. There will be times when it won't be possible, i.e., if my opponent answers:

1. d4 with d5 (when I'll play Blackmar-Diemer) and of course, if I have Black, I won't be able to play it. But I will play this near-universal system against all opponents rated 1500+, purely for the fun of it and just to see what will happen. I am prepared to lose a lot of rating points in this experiment, but who knows?

(Check out my blog from a few days back if you don't know what the Jack o' Lantern Attack is...)

I'm going to rewrite 400 years of chess theory, and I'll post the results in an upcoming blog.

Long live the Jack o' Lantern!

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