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IHSA State vs Thornton

Feb 16, 2014, 4:20 PM 2

Well, my opponent this game was terrible so I ended up finishing Day 2 of State with all wins which is nice.  Although I played terrible Day 1 (I actually lost sleep that night thinking about my games) I stopped the bleeding Day 2.  Everybody has tournaments where they play poorly, its just to bad for me it was the State Finals senior year.  I ended up getting 40-something and Buffalo Grove High School finished 89th.  In fact, I lost more games in state than all high school season.  During the season I went (13 W, 1D, 1L), and in state I went (4W, 1D, 2L).  Last year I got 19th place on first board against better opponents.  I guess winning Conference was the highlight of the year for me.  Anyway, although I played poorly other first boards on MSL played great.  Congratulations to Hiro and Jon Phillips for getting top  ten in the state on first board, that is amazing.  Again, any advice or comments for any of my games would be appreciated.

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