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Chess infected by the Illuminati :Part 2 The Rebirth

Feb 8, 2011, 10:25 AM 2

After so much interest in my first blog, 'Illuminati in the Chess World', I've decided to give the readers another dose of the highly addictive concoction. By far the best blog post of its genre on chess.com, I highly suggest treating yourself to such a realm altering read and to leave plenty of comments on what you think. I have been off the site for a while now, but upon my reemergence on the blogs, I noticed that even among my critics, many loved the insight I gave about the subject. I will be back on the blog scene with a second blog titled the same as above, with more fuel for debate for those who have something contrite to say about the Illuminati in todays' Chess world. Those who are anticipating it, please comment and give your opinions. Those who are not, please add fuel to the ever burning fire. Light the way.

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