to play or not to play

Feb 18, 2009, 11:20 PM |

Ive been playing chess since I was very young, but in that time till about a year ago when I found this site(which is great I must say). But in that time before I just played, I knew nothing about openings or tactics or anything about the fundamentals about chess, I didn't know what i was going to do from one move to the next and neither did my opponent. But I like to think I gave anyone I played a good game.

Now I have been learningĀ  more about chess, I got me a couple of books, a new chess computer, and Ive been learning aboutĀ  openings and tactics, but the problem is that I seem to be getting worse than what I was before.

I have had a person tell me that not to worry about these things and just play, but I want to get better and not just play(even though I know that playing is a integral part of getting better)but in saying this I don't now know if I want to invest the time to get better when I know I am starting late to spend that amount of time to get better.

So the question is to play or not to play. I have other reasons for one of the other if anyone would like to discuse this.