IChessU Championship Rd 2

May 3, 2009, 1:45 PM |

So I'm playing in a tournament through my chess school. This is my game from Round 2. I won with no major mistakes, which was a refreshing change of pace. I had the black pieces, and the opening was Nimzo-English. It became Nimzo-Indian through transposition.

Afterwards my coach sent me this email: *insert bragging rights*


I am SO proud of your game.

What great counter-punching play. You spanked him for his poorly considered Kingside attack. You exchanged minor pieces when you had a space problem, you created targets, you created permanent imbalances in his pawn structure, you had Knights on the board when there was a crowd of pawns, you exchanged to take away your opponents bishop pair when you had transitioned to endgame, once you had a lead you simplified, you played the ending with reasonable accuracy!!! A complete game! I am going to use it, with your permission, in my lessons.

Now that is how you play the game of chess. You gave that guy (and my student Chris was watching and he learned a lot too.) a wonderful chess lesson. That is the game I have been looking for from you ever since you beat me a few months ago."