Taking A Long Break on Live Chess.com

Nov 14, 2015, 6:36 AM |

     Hello, I'am still here even you did'nt give comments to my blogs.

     On September 11, 2014, I created my account on chess.com. (I'am nothing to do with the date even 13 years ago, Bobby Fischer.....on Philippine radio....) Anyway, it's been a year ago when I learn the basic rules of chess. After too many loss and lack of interest, I just forgot my password.

     And on about first part of 2015, we have lesson on school about indoor games, and of course, chess is included. 

     I have no chess board. My classmates are playing, and me,just watching and make fun of them like "talking pieces". And one time, my classmate, who is a chess player during her elementary ask me if we can play, and that is the start of my great interest in our game.

     If our teacher is absent or we have free time, we will get the board and battle of minds will happen. I do not have experience playing, so I'm not aware of backrank mate,fool's mate and scholar's mate. I just move pawns and pieces.A typical beginner.

     I always loss, but even a beginner can outplay sometimes the experienced player. Because of our frequent games, I decided to open the google and search for strategy, something like that. I found articles, backyard professor youtube videos and chess.com. After my school, I watch BYP, at that time, I believe that he is a master. And I reopen my chess.com account using yahoo mail. 

     During this time, I learn about imbalance, some world champions, some tactics, some opening and many ideas. My play improved. 

     The school is over, and I spend most of my vacation playing here. But I feel it is not good so I take a one month break, but unfortunately, I found lichess.

    June 2015. Start of our school year. I play again blitz. I saw my improvement. But my academics did not. I believe that I can excell in school, but because of chess, I loss many oppurtunities. I didn't qualify for ASEAN Quiz Bee, for Math Quiz Bee. I cannot give my best. So now, I already played 100 standard (15/10) games and 1,015 blitz game. I'am now leaving live chess. I will just finish my two online games and I will spend my time in more worthy things. My study, my family, my friends and my faith to God.

     Thank you to all who read this, for the staff of chess.com, for all writers of articles, for all bloggers like me, and for all my opponents.

     Who knows, the future World Chess Champion.