A game full of mistakes

Nov 25, 2015, 5:40 PM |

So I was searching for a person to play on live chess.  I looked at my graph, and I was looking for a game with standard timing (no blitz, bullet, lightning).  I the only person that was in standard was a person rated around 800 with a 22 timing.  I had a rating of about 1200.  I am very sorry to that person, but I decided to play him.  Surprisingly, he/she didn't immediately abort the game, but instead, took on a person who was 400 points higher than him/her.  Surprisingly, as I was playing, I played very inaccurately, as did my opponent (well, I saw many inaccuracies, and for higher leveled players, they would probably be rolling on the floor laughing when they see the game).  This game was so bad on both of our parts, that I am almost embarrassed to show it.  I would say it was better than my "Tactics examples:forks, skewers," (that's not the full name) blog, but not by a lot.  Anyone who has read that could see how a true rated 800 player online thinks.  Here is the game that I played recently and mentioned earlier, and was almost embarrassed to show it.  I hope you can get a good laugh from it.

And I am not an experienced player, all annotations are from my perspective, not that of a professional chess player's

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