Bishops Aimed at the King

Aug 10, 2015, 3:26 PM |

For most of my games, if I play white, my developments involve a lot of placing both of my bishops on the longest diagonals aiming at the kingside.  This is so that it already makes a potential attack on the kingside a lot easier, and it can help create an attack.  Sometimes, I will have to reposition my bishops, depending on the situation.  For the most part, however, those bishops are a great defensive tool to my queenside, and an amazing offensive tool on the kingside as well.  This game I recently played illustrates the power of the bishops aiming for the kingside, and since most people castle kingside, it will end up as an important aspect in a lot of games.

Note:  I am a terrible chess player, so don't expect these annotations to be from a professional.  They are only from my perspective, and I'm only a chess player who is still currently gaining experience.

Now, as we see, the power of doubled bishops!


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