tactical knockouts (not that easy to miss though)

Oct 22, 2014, 4:27 PM |
Hey guys, this is a recent game I played.  I have a really low rating (about 900-1000) but I would like people to take a look and take certain things into consideration, because a lot of people I play don't really make sacrifices, so I would like it if people don't play it that safe, because successful players don't play it safe if they have winning moves.  Sometimes, they have to sacrifice as much as a queen.  Such sacrifices force an opponent to a lost position.  These sacrifices are sometimes for tactics, and tactics are cheap and strong.  I would like you guys to look at my game and realize some tactics.  I have pointed out a few tactics I used, but I actually used a lot more with my tactical VISION, but not tactics.  I would like people to know that tactical vision and tactics are very important, and a serious of zugzwangs are as well, because in any position, if a player can spot them and exploit them, he can, if powerful enough, gain a huge winning position or material gains.